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It is a physical and mental training which takes care of the body in a global way.

We work through sequences and series of exercises depending on the level of the participant. Concentration, control, centralization, accuracy, fluency and breathing are the six Pilates principles. Together with the principles of the mind (intelligence, intuition, imagination, memory and will), they constitute a unique working method.

Pilates works from the centre of the body: it strengthens it and improves its balance and alignment. It improves and corrects wrong motor patterns, preventing from injuries and poor postures.

The benefits of Pilates are transferred into daily life and become evident in a more straight and relaxed posture, a greater capacity to move easily and a greater conscience of the body.

Apart from being an excellent method to improve our physical condition, it is perfect to improve in other sports too.

Moreover, it is an ideal method to rehabilitate from injuries and pathologies such as scoliosis or slipped disk.

Finally, the exercises and resistances used to work with this method, develop the body in a more slender and aesthetic way. So, it is an excellent work for those persons who want to lose weight.