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Embaras - Olga Giró Pilates Pedralbes Barcelona
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Pregnancy is a very special state for women and each one can live the process in many different ways. What all pregnant women have in common is that their bodies change, both physically and emotionally, and practising Pilates helps pregnant women in both aspects.

Training during pregnancy develops according to the trimester in which the woman is. Exercises are adapted and modified in order to work safely both for the mother and the baby.

Pilates helps keep the muscles strong in order to face the changes that will take place, specially in the column and avoid possible lumbar, dorsal and cervical pain. Most of the exercises are made lying on the floor with the legs raised to improve blood circulation and prevent pain and swelling of feet and ankles. Each session includes an exercise of the pelvic floor (Kegel exercises) to keep these muscles as strong as possible and prevent problems of urinary incontinence and prepare the muscles for childbirth. The movement in all exercises is coordinated with the rhythm of breathing in order to obtain the necessary oxygen supply to develop the exercise and provide a feeling of well-being and connection with the baby. In the last phase of pregnancy, specific exercises to prepare for the moment of delivery are taught and as much information as possible is given so that the mother can face naturally the birth of her child.

Training during pregnancy can be individual, in couples or in groups of 3 participants (as long as all participants are in the same trimester of pregnancy).