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Private session in which the Pilates method is adapted to the individual needs of the participants: we use the equipment and the facilities of the studio to develop the objective set out.

It is suitable for everyone, as it allows to go into the principles of the method in depth and pursue a guided evolution of the training in order to reach the most advanced levels.

Rehabilitation: Pilates helps to get rid of the pain caused by injuries such as slipped disk or scoliosis. It also helps to find the physical and emotional balance in cases of neuromuscular injuries, such as muscular dystrophy or other diseases, such as Parkinson.

Elderly: Pilates improves the general physical condition and provides energy to achieve the daily challenges. It helps to be more agile and independent.

Challenge: Pilates challenges the body to unexpected limits. It is a surprising activity for sportspeople eager to discover new challenges!

Golf, tennis, dancing...:Pilates helps to balance the body and, therefore, in activities which imply more one extremity than the other and/or the movement is repetitive, it allows to balance the muscles in order to avoid injuries and muscle and joint pain.

Pregnancy: Pilates stretches and strengthens the muscles of the back and legs, therefore it is very helpful for the pregnant woman as she can better deal with the changes of her body and avoid the typical pain produced by such changes, specially in the spinal column. Kegel exercises and other specific ones for birth preparation help the mother to live the process in a natural and relaxed way.

Postpartum: Pilates helps to recover the normal condition of the centre of the body: abdominal and lumbar areas as well as buttocks. It also keeps the muscles in a strong condition and a high level of energy in order to withstand physically and emotionally the implications of having a baby (pick him up, breastfeeding, few hours of sleep...).

Information and reservations at 932524943 or at

1 single session: € 54
5 session ticket: € 255
10 session ticket: € 485
VAT included

The 5 session ticket expires within 3 months from the date of purchase.
The 10 session ticket expires within 6 months from the date of purchase.

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